Location of Alvin Dixon Memorial Run/Walk

The Alvin Dixon Memorial Run/Walk will start at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday at the gong-shaped sculpture in the northwest corner of the DC+UOIT campus. You can see the sculpture from the Champions Visitors Lot, the parking lot of the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre (CRWC). The CRWC contai...

Dani Sia Choi on Trans Rights

Dani Sia Choi is a trans rights activist from South Korea. Dani was in Canada as a global guest at the Affirm United conference and attended General Council for the first day of the Festival of Faith. Lauren spoke with Dani after they watched Faith & Arts Ottawa’s play Transcript, o...

Welcome to GC43

United Church reporter Lauren Hodgson welcomes you to GC43 with a rundown of upcoming events and activities.

Meet Your Festival and GC43 News Team

Meet the communications crew that's covering what's happening at the Festival of Faith and GC43 with Web, video, and social media stories.

Ask the Nominees: Week 7

Moderator nominees answers this week's question: tell us about someone who played a significant role in the development of your faith.

Special Ceremonies at GC43: What to Wear?

There are several special ceremonies taking place for people attending GC43. You are invited to dress in your traditional clothing (whatever that might be for you) for any, or all, of these events.

Ask the Nominees: Week 6

Moderator nominees answers this week's question: recommend a place a newcomer to Canada must visit and why.