Wave with a dove flying through it in front of the sun

The Vision behind the Words: GC43 Theme and Logo

The theme for the 43rd General Council is Risking Faith, Daring Hope. These words, together with the logo, will be an evocative presence throughout the General Council meeting.


Risking and daring—these are strong action words that call forth our courage and our trust in God. In times of fear, when we may be tempted to retreat into the familiar, comfortable, and “safe,” we are called to a faith that takes risks, that dares to hope in a future we cannot yet see. This hope is not passive, but rather propels us to stretch beyond our assumed limits, to risk profound transformation for the sake of our own healing and the healing of the world.


The dove—a symbol of faith, love and peace—soars in the midst of a blue wave, representing the many challenges that threaten to overwhelm us.

The wave can also be seen as a tide of positive change. We move forward with the wave, determined to meet challenges with strength drawn from our faith. 

The dove passes through the wave and is warmed by the sun, a symbol of all life that gives us hope.