Ministry Personnel Decisions

The 43rd General Council found its way through several decisions related to ministry personnel matters on its final day, Friday, July 27:

  • A statement assigning copyright to ministry personnel will be added to their call or appointment forms.
  • A resource will be created for communities of faith that supports the assignment of copyright to other paid staff, where applicable.
  • There will be mandatory training for all ministry personnel on the issues, concerns, and consequences of homophobia toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer-questioning, two-spirited (LGBTQ2) people—and to their families of origin and families created.
  • The Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy and Procedures will be translated into the Korean and Filipino (Tagalog) languages.
  • Boundaries for Church Leaders training webinars will be provided for significant ethnic and linguistic groups.
  • The church has been asked to ensure that the pool of sexual misconduct national consultants include consultants familiar with the cultures and languages of mutual recognition denominations and other significant ethnic/linguistic minorities of the church.
  • The issue of moving expenses for ministry personnel was referred to the General Secretary of the General Council.
  • A program will be established to encourage reconciliation of the broken relationship between the different streams of ministry in the church.