Infuse Song and Dance in your GC43 Experience

Music plays a significant part in how we worship, and the Festival of Faith workshops give you the opportunity to consider different ways to use song and dance to engage your congregation, and the wider community. Here are three Festival workshops on song and dance:

Singing the Blues

Sing and pray about what makes you blue. This workshop gives participants an opportunity to explore the music of the blues, and the lament Psalms as resistance, prevailing, and persistent speech in the midst of discontent and disorientation.

Participants will find their own voice as blues and lament people. As blues people, we move through a blues-struggling church, a blues-filled world, where catastrophe and celebration, joy and pain sit side by side. As lament people, we move through a struggling church and uncertain lives to allow faith and hope, ushering in a dawn for a new tomorrow.

Speaker: Bob Gibson

Songwriting and the Development of the Let Yourself Trust  

This workshop consists of a talk and Q&A. Speaker Martyn Joseph will also discuss the ideology behind his songwriting, and give participants some insight into what inspires him. Joseph will explain why he passionately believes there is a writer inside us all, and will help you discover your inner artist. Come ready to gain insight and ask questions.  

In addition, Joseph will talk about taking the step towards “music for practical, social charge” by setting up a non-profit organization to run alongside music and shows. Martyn and his wife, Justine, set up Let Yourself Trust, and they work with small, grassroots organizations that make a difference. His audiences donate funds, which are then passed on to these groups or individuals (who are not receiving any grant or government funding) to make a positive impact on people’s lives. They team up with a different organization every six months. Projects supported through their music include: a children's village in Guatemala; a homeless shelter in Wales; an albinism project in Uganda; a children's theatre in Palestine; and a First Nations community in Canada battling a massive mercury dump in its waterway.  

Speaker: Martyn Joseph  

Introduction to Liturgical Movement and Dance in Worship

Participants will be introduced to liturgical dance in worship, hear about experiences of body movement and dance in worship, and learn about the history of liturgical dance in the church. 

The workshop will also explore the following questions: How does movement and dance enhance worship? How do we encourage members of our congregation to do this? How can people of all ages get involved? 

In addition, presenter Rev. Irene Ty will discuss Thornhill United Church’s experience with liturgical dance. Rev. Ty is currently the Minister of Christian Development at Thornhill United. She has introduced liturgical dance to four congregations where she has served. Rev. Ty is not a professional dancer but has a passion for using the body as a form of prayer, and a desire to bring people together to share worship dance. No dance experience necessary to participate in this workshop. 

Speaker: Irene Ty

All workshops will be held on Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, July 22 at Durham College + University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa, ON.

The date, time, and room for each workshop was not determined when this news story was posted. Please visit the Festival page for updates on workshop information.