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Great Reads, Resources, and Authors at GC43 Bookstore

If you are yearning to stretch your sense of spirituality and explore great reads and resources for your church, be sure to stop by the United Church bookstore at the Festival of Faith and GC43. Here’s a sampling of what you will find.

Books, resources, and more

The book display will include lots of great spiritual and theological reads. Pick up one for yourself, your church book group, or a friend. You will also find helpful resources for your church as well as merchandise and clothing.

Meet the author… and have your book signed!

A handful of authors will be at GC43 signing their books. Buy a book, or bring your copy, have it signed and chat with the author. Here’s at look at the book signings happening at the bookstore during GC43.

July 23, 2018
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

We all know someone whose life is forever changed by cancer. Former Moderator David Giuliano has an important new book, "It’s Good to Be Here: Stories We Tell about Cancer." Part memoir, part spiritual meditation, “It’s Good to Be Here” explores the author’s more than 20-year journey with cancer. Get your copy at the GC43 bookstore, or buy it in advance.

July 26, 2018
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Scholar John Young—who is also Executive Minister, Theological Leadership, with the General Council Office—and Rev. Dr. Catherine Faith MacLean wrote, “Preaching the Big Questions: Doctrine Isn’t Dusty.” The book looks at the meaning of grace, sin, and sacraments, and how we understand our dependence on God, or relate to Jesus. Overall, “Preaching the Big Questions” shows us that talking about theology does not need to be dull. Purchase this book in advance, or at the bookstore.

“Spirit Awakening: Finding new Life in Christian Faith” by Rev. David Hart, illustrates how the Christian faith can continue to be a source of deep wisdom and inspiration. The book consists of a collection of talks and reflections gleaned from Hart’s more than 25 years of teaching and preaching. Come out to the bookstore, purchase this great read, meet the author, and have your book signed.

July 27, 2018
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

GC43 Worship Coordinator, Barb Janes, wrote “Inviting Wonder” about the relationship between the arts and the church. Purchase her book, have it signed, and read about this timely topic.

Carla Langhorst Leon, manager of New Initiatives with the United Church’s EDGE and Embracing the Spirit, will be signing copies the book she co-wrote with Peter Miller, “The Giveback Economy: Social Responsibility Practices for Business and Nonprofit.” The book looks at the new reality that 99 percent of business owners and 60 percent of consumers want to do business with socially responsible companies. Buy the book in advance, or at the event. Meet and chat with Leon at the book signing.

Christopher White wrote “Seismic Shifts: Leading in Times of Change.” White will be on hand to sign copies of his book, which looks at skills that church leaders need to effectively lead in times of change. “Seismic Shifts” includes case studies and draws on the author’s experience of two decades as a United Church minister.

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See you at the United Church bookstore!