GCE Meeting Nov. 19 and 20

The General Council Executive will meet November 19 and 20, 11:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. (EST) each day.  

The meeting will receive the reports and proposals destined for the 44th General Council, beginning in February 2022. They include a report from the Just Peace Task Group on Israel/Palestine relations, the Ministry Leadership Group looking at the future of ministry personnel in small rural charges, a report on the options presented for funding benefits for retirees, and the accountability reports from the pension plan and the General Secretary.   

Proposals include final confirmation for the Strategic Plan (2022-2025) so the operational planning can begin, ratifying the dates for the 45th General Council in 2025, deciding on the proposed mental health policy, updating the policies on camp accreditation to eliminate duplication, appointments to global and ecumenical bodies, as well as clarifying appointments of non-United Church diaconal and ordained ministry personnel serving United Church communities of faith.  

Proposals and reports are posted on the United Church Commons in the Governance section. (If link does not work, go to commons.united-church.ca, select Governance, then General Council Executive.) Following the meeting, an executive summary of the decisions taken will be posted on the Commons. If you have questions about any of the resource documents in the Commons, please be in touch with the Executive at gce@united-church.ca.

If interested, Commissioners of the 43rd General Council may observe this meeting of the Executive. To register to observe the meeting, please contact gce@united-church.ca