Festival of Faith Workshops: Something for Everyone

The inspiring and informative workshops at the GC43 Festival of Faith will show you how to inject new vitality into your work and faith community.

“The workshops will explore new ways of doing things church. Using church buildings in a new way is one example,” says the Rev. David Moore, minister at Simcoe St. United Church in Oshawa, Ont. and the festival co-ordinator and chief visionary. (See the description of the workshop, “Taking the Church Out of the Church,” below.)

The Festival of Faith kicks off GC43. Here is a quick look at three workshops on offer over the weekend of July 21 and July 22, 2018 at the Festival.

Workshop: Taking the Church Out of the Church

Focuses on how to be a vibrant, emerging, and modern ministry—one that thinks outside the box; one that is based the values of the United Church of Canada; one that does not meet in the physical, traditional church; and one that looks towards the future, and the needs of its people. There will be a dynamic, modern worship experience, and you will discover how to build an intentional community of faith.

Workshop: Becoming Fabulously Affirming

Affirm United’s single biggest struggle is not outright transphobia and homophobia. The most problematic belief we face in the United Church is that the work is done—that profoundly harmful beliefs and theologies are a thing of the past, and there’s no need for a focus on our rights, identities, and struggles.

Fortunately, the number of new Affirming ministries continues to break records year after year, despite the overall decline in the number of United Church ministries. This workshop will highlight those Affirming journeys. We will hear stories of transformation, and how the Affirming process reconnects church groups with their communities.

Workshop: United Church of Canada Property Resource Group

The United Church’s new Property Resource Group is designed to support congregations and regional councils seeking new and innovative forms of ministry. The key element for success is being able to bring best-in-class advice to reimagine how our dilapidated infrastructure can be realigned to better love our neighbours. The impact for the UC is that we are stronger together.

This workshop will show that the church can be a leader with the power to move the needle on massive social voids that are affecting communities across the country, such as affordable housing, community hubs, and inclusive communities. As stewards of our land, learn how to leverage the assets we are entrusted with to create the biggest impact possible.

Workshops welcome participants on a first-come-first-served basis.

Bookmark the Festival of Faith page and visit regularly to see updates on workshops.