Decisions on Processes, Structures, and Other Governance Matters

Several decisions related to governance came before the United Church’s General Council on the morning of Day 6, Thursday, July 26:

  • No action will be taken on a request for a change to the so-called remit process by which the United Church reforms its structure, governance, and polity. (Remits involve voting by all regional councils and/or communities of faith on matters that affect their life.)
  • The church will study how it defines the conciliar nature of its governance, and how to accommodate regional representation in a new streamlined system that is no longer organized around regional representation.
  • The General Secretary will report to the next General Council on the experience of living into the new models (structures) of the church.
  • The Manual of the church will be amended to say that the requirement for a mandatory meeting of a pastoral charge will involve a minimum of 10 people or 10 percent of the full membership—which ever is greater.
  • Corresponding members can augment the new 18-member Denominational Executive in order to provide additional regional representation.

“Eighteen is not a holy number. Eighteen is less than what we have now,” said Gordon Roberts of Manitou Conference. This is a significant change from the General Council Executive, which had 50 people, numerous corresponding members, and met twice a year.