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Ask the Nominees: Week 6

Each week leading up to GC43, we are asking the Moderator Nominees one question to help everyone get to know them.

Q: A newcomer wants to know which one place in Canada they must visit. (Other than where you live), what do you recommend, and why?

Moderator Nominee Susan Beaver

Rev. Susan Beaver

As an Indigenous person, I can only welcome you into my community's territory. Then I'd ask one of the kids to tell you our creation story. I'd take you to hear the Great Law or pick wild strawberries. Or I could take you to the residential school so you could witness the colonial project's crucifixion of children and how we survive and resist. Or I could call up a friend in Saskatchewan and ask if we could come to their pow wow, put our feet on their soil, and feel how they feel the Creator.

Moderator Nominee Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud

Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud

Canada has some obvious gems—one of my favourite is Goats On The Roof in Coombs, BC, or Churchill, MB to see polar bears. However, I really valued the experience and history I learned visiting Grassy Narrows First Nation in northwestern Ontario with a Christian Peacemaker Team’s delegation. It offered experiential and profound learning about Canada’s colonial hegemony and its ramifications. It’s also a beautiful way to be submerged in the resilient resistance of Indigenous people.

Moderator Nominee Richard Bott

Rev. Dr. Richard Bott

Pick a coffee shop, anywhere. Get the beverage of your choice and find a table. If you’re comfortable, chat with your server, or introduce yourself to the people around you. These places are extensions of our kitchen tables—you’ll get a great chance to meet community there.

Moderator Nominee David Hart

Rev. David Hart

The CN Tower? Niagara Falls? Even the Rocky Mountains? No, No, No! Check out Les Iles de la Madeleine in the mouth of the Gulf of St. Lawrence between Newfoundland and PEI! Endless pristine sand dunes, quiet, rolling hills, dotted with homes painted in yellows, purples, reds, and blues, unique Francophone culture … an incomparable paradise to escape the crazy rush of the world and reconnect with nature, life, yourself and God!

Moderator Nominee Cathy Larmond

Rev. Cathy Larmond

I love this country, and have seen many parts of it. Newfoundland to BC, northern Alberta to Point Pelee. I'd love to take them everywhere! Picking one, it would be Niagara Falls, being unique in the world. The glass-like smoothness just before the falls, the thunder and power just after, and the Maid of the Mist for a touch of adventure.

Moderator Nominee Catherine Faith MacLean

Rev. Dr. Catherine Faith MacLean

Petite Rivière, NS: beach and boardwalk. Samuel de Champlain and Pierre de Mons sailed there in 1604. It is pleasant, sheltered, fertile, and green. They were afraid of the resident Mi’kmaq, so they hightailed it to Isle Ste-Croix where a third of the party died of scurvy. Passamaquoddy people brought them rescue. How different would our Canadian history be if they’d stayed in Petite and made friends?

Moderator Nominee Dr. Colin Phillips

Dr. Colin Phillips

I have a hard time explaining why, but I think everyone needs to visit Halifax—my favourite city in the country. There’s just this perfect balance to the place; it’s urban and sophisticated, yet down-to-earth, and has preserved its history beautifully. Plus, there’s all that seafood!

Moderator Nominee Rev. Wanda Stride

Rev. Wanda Stride

Pacquet, NL, on the Baie Verte Peninsula. You need a car to visit the walking trails that cross the neck overlooking the ocean. There are boardwalks and lookout points. But the best part is that first, breath-taking view of layered hills rising out of the harbour as you come into the village. Take the time to speak with the residents and learn about life there, in bygone years and today. It is the most beautiful place on this planet.

Moderator Nominee Rev. Dr. Martha ter Kuile

Rev. Dr. Martha ter Kuile

Yellowknife—the North is really different. Even in a week, you’ll meet people from all over Canada (and the world), get a new sense of the Indigenous nations, and a beautiful view of God’s endless sky. Try to go when the Folk on the Rocks Music Festival is on, and don’t miss the legislature or the bookstore. Northern authors have a lot to tell us.

Moderator Nominee Rev. Donalee Williams

Rev. Donalee Williams

I recommended a visit to Banff (or Jasper, or Canmore, or Lake Louise) because of the awesome, humbling, breath-taking, and exhilarating delight of being in the company of mountainous beauty. I spent most of my life in southern Ontario and I still remember the first time I drove with my family to Banff, ooo-ing and ahhh-ing and wow-ing the whole trip!