Ask the Nominees: Week 4

Ask the Nominees: Week 4

Each week leading up to GC43, we are asking the Moderator Nominees one question to help everyone get to know them.

Q: What talent or characteristic do you have that most people may not know about?

Moderator Nominee Susan Beaver

Rev. Susan Beaver

When I was personally discerning ministry, I dreamt I was having tea with my mother and my aunties, who had all passed away by then. My mother said, "You do it. You speak." I woke up without doubt. I met my friend's baby in a dream eight months before she was conceived. My very first spiritual teaching came in a dream—an old man pointed to the palm of his hand and said, "You listen." I've lived my life around my dreams. But tell no one. Take this knowledge to your grave.

Moderator Nominee Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud

Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud

I learnt how to drop in on a skateboard (at 28) because my husband, an avid skateboarder, was shooting a series for CBC on skateboarding and Urban Indigenous identities. We had been travelling Manitoba for different skateboarding competitions on First Nations Reserves and their fearlessness and athleticism inspired me. I wore a lot of padding, and fell a lot, but eventually I got it!

Moderator Nominee Richard Bott

Rev. Dr. Richard Bott

I love to cook! There’s something really exciting about taking a recipe (or Gramma’s jotted notes) and experimenting to see what comes out. (I’ve got to work on enjoying the clean-up part, though. *sigh*)

Moderator Nominee David Hart

Rev. David Hart

In a parallel universe, what cosmologists refer to as the ‘multiverse,’ I would be living the life of my guitar playing musical hero—and namesake—David Gilmour of Pink Floyd! Give me a Fender Stratocaster and plug me in.

Moderator Nominee Cathy Larmond

Rev. Cathy Larmond

I just found out that I will become a grandmother for the first time early next year! Exciting! I'm crocheting a baby blanket now!

Moderator Nominee Catherine Faith MacLean

Rev. Dr. Catherine Faith MacLean

I write a lot of letters. My best friends live all across the world and I am in touch in the heartbeat of a text, but I also write letters. I keep in touch. With stamps.

Moderator Nominee Dr. Colin Phillips

Dr. Colin Phillips

I seem to have a bit of an eye for landscape photography. Of course, having cerebral palsy means that I can’t actually hold a camera. What my eyes see doesn’t always jive with what the person with me shoots. I’m working on it! 

Moderator Nominee Rev. Wanda Stride

Rev. Wanda Stride

I can whistle through my nose. Although I seem to be losing this talent with age. How sad!

Moderator Nominee Rev. Dr. Martha ter Kuile

Rev. Dr. Martha ter Kuile

When a motley crew of ministers (United Church, Anglican, and Presbyterian) got together to put on “The Vicar of Dibley,” I played Mrs. Cropley. I feel I brought a certain dignity to the singing of “Santa Baby”! We think the audience loved us, but we know we loved each other. Best ecumenical moment ever.

Moderator Nominee Rev. Donalee Williams

Rev. Donalee Williams

I am an accomplished "grinder." In the online gaming world, "grinding" refers to persisting with a task, especially a long and repetitive one, until it is finished. I have been part of a multi-player, online role-playing game for many years and have enjoyed getting my character's skills to the maximum level! And by the way, one of those skills is Prayer! My online friends know me as helpful, supportive, kind, and someone who calls other players on their language!