Welcome to the United Church

43rd General Council

July 21–27, 2018 | Oshawa, ON


Ask the Nominees: Week 3

Answers to this week's question: Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction reading? And what book have you read in the past year that you strongly recommend?

Diverse Group of United Church Partners will Attend GC43

A diverse group of partners will be taking part in GC43. The representatives from these partnerships “are a visual reminder and reaffirmation of the United Church’s commitment to partnership and its historic commitment made in the document Mending the World (GC37) to not do alone what w...

Workshops on Inclusivity and Drawing the Circle Wider

The Festival of Faith features a wide array of workshops that will educate, inspire, and challenge participants to re-think what it means to “be the church.” Here are two workshops focused on being more inclusive and welcoming people of different abilities and cultural backgrounds. Bey...

Infuse Song and Dance in your GC43 Experience

Music plays a significant part in how we worship, and the Festival of Faith workshops give you the opportunity to consider different ways to use song and dance to engage your congregation, and the wider community. Here are three Festival workshops on song and dance: Singing the Blue...

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