Hands holding words

Embracing the Spirit Art Display

Art and images can sometimes tell the story of a vibrant community of faith better than words. We invite you to come and experience some of the many examples of innovative and hopeful ministry happening across The United Church of Canada at the Embracing the Spirit Art Display, happening throughout the Festival of Faith and GC43 from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm in the SW Corridor.

Discover some of the amazing ministries and community programming that Embracing the Spirit supports around the country, such as retreats for spiritual development, drop-ins for rural youth, food truck ministries, an inter-generational ukulele choir, cooking circles, art shows for cultural engagement, community innovation hubs, and much more!

Embracing the Spirit is a learning network and innovation fund that spurs innovation across the United Church network of faith communities. Over the last two years, more than 240 initiatives have been funded across the country. Explore all the Embracing the Spirit initiatives through this interactive map.

Rekindle your hope for the exciting future of The United Church of Canada by taking a walk through this gallery of inspiring art and photos!