Youth Forum participants from GC41

Youth at Council

The journey toward General Council has already begun for Youth Forum participants! Once again, there are three phases to Youth Forum:

Winter Retreat

Each of the 13 Conferences were invited to send five youth to attend the Youth Forum Winter Retreat, February 16‒19, 2018, at Five Oaks Retreat Centre in Paris, ON. The youth will engage in experiential learning activities to become more aware of the current transitions in the church, how decisions are made by General Council, and the work coming to the 43rd General Council. The youth also discerned their roles following the retreat.

One youth from each Conference will take part in a summer pilgrimage following GC43. Five youth from each Conference (including the pilgrims) will attend the GC43 in Oshawa, ON, either as commissioners or as Youth Forum delegates (who have a voice but no vote on the floor).

Summer Pilgrimage

During summer 2018, 13 youth plus 2 young adult leaders will be employed by the General Council, in partnership with The GO Project, to pilgrimage across the country. As they journey they will

  • share what they learned and experienced at GC43
  • delve more deeply into the issues they heard about at GC43 and gain a better understanding of regional differences and changes coming to the church
  • prepare to be change agents as they travel and in their own communities
  • bless each Conference as they go, recognizing that Conferences and presbyteries will be closing and reforming
  • listen to the dreams and needs of young people across the church
  • listen deeply and consider wisely as they engage with Spirit and the church

43rd General Council

Approximately 80 youth and leaders will form the Youth Forum Delegation at GC43. Each Conference has been asked to ensure that at least one of their youth delegates is also a commissioner. Other youth members of the delegation will have a voice at the Council but no vote. The Youth Forum Delegation will engage fully in all sessions of the court and also provide creative leadership at the Festival of Faith.