Worship That Risks Faith and Dares Hope

Daily worship services will be happening during GC43.

Opening worship streaming begins with Edge of the Woods ceremony at 9:45 a.m. You and your congregation can follow along with the worship service outline as it continues in plenary. You will be able to find the livestream on our YouTube channel

Who’s Who and a Big Thank You

Min Goo Kang and barb janes from the Manitoba-based worship planning team will be your worship leaders, along with music team Bri-anne Swan and Saya Ojiri.

Thank you to the over 200 folks who volunteered to help with worship! We have recruited folks from every Conference and put many of our global partners to work. The worship creatives were Min Goo, barb janes, Ted Dodd, Susie McPherson-Derendy, and Deanna Zantigh, all Manitoba-based.