Song writing and the Development of the Let Yourself Trust (Sun)

Coffee House

A talk and Q & A where Martyn will also discuss the ideology behind his song writing and give some insight into what inspires him. Martyn will explain why he believes passionately that there is a writer inside us all and will help you discover your artist within. Come ready to gain insights and ask questions. 

He’ll also talk about taking the step towards music for practical social charge by setting up a non-profit organization to run alongside the music and shows. Martyn and his wife Justine set up Let Yourself Trust, and they work with small grassroots organizations that make a difference. His audiences donate funds which are passed on to these groups or individuals who are receiving no grant or government funding to make a real difference to people’s lives. They team up with a different organization every six months and have so the projects have included a children's village in Guatemala, a homeless shelter in Wales, an albinism project in Uganda, a children's theatre in Palestine and a First Nations community in Canada battling a massive mercury dump in their waterway

Speaker: Martyn Joseph

Max Number of participants: Up to 50, first come first serve