The Sock Project (Sun)

Coffee House

Jessica Baird is a lay minister in both the United and Anglican Churches in Ottawa, ON, and the founder of The Sock Project. This project aims to bring awareness to people who live with autoimmune and other chronic illnesses. Two years ago, she became ill and doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Baird asked family and friends to send her fun, silly socks to get her through that difficult time. She received thousands of socks, which she now distributes to people who are ill, or going through a rough period. She also designed a line of socks with McGregor Socks and the proceeds fund research on autoimmune diseases. Baird goes around to churches and preaches, “The Parable of The Sock”—her sock story, in relation to the gospel or theme being presented. At the Festival of Faith, Baird will share the story of how she found hope in a difficult time. In addition, she will share her own sock designs and the process she uses to design them. There will also be a fun opportunity to decorate your own socks!