Opening Worship

Plenary - (Gyms 3-5 CRWC)

Our thanks to Elder Grafton Antone, who will begin Sunday worship by leading us in the Indigenous Edge of the Woods ceremony. The ceremony will culminate in a procession from the “woods” into our “village” (the plenary space) where worship will continue led by Rev. Miriam Spies.

You and your congregation can follow along with the attached worship service outline. Streaming of the ceremony begins at 9:45 a.m.

Worship Ideas

Listen for: music celebrating United Church composers and lyricists, delivered by our music team, Saya Ojiri and Bri-anne Swan.

  • Listen for: stories of who we are as The United Church of Canada.
  • Listen for: abundance when we fear scarcity, both in our scripture (Mark 6:30‒34), and from our preacher (the Rev. Miriam Spies of Hamilton Conference, our rep to the World Council of Churches).
  • Watch for: ASL interpreters making this worship accessible, enriching us with a language new to many of us.