Mental Health Awareness in the United Church (Sat)


One in five Canadians experiences a mental health illness in any given year. In the church, a growing number of ministry personnel struggle with mental illness. In fact, mental illness is the primary source of claims to the restorative care and long-term disability plans, at levels well above other “helping professions.” Because we yearn for flourishing ministry leadership, this is worrisome. Members in communities of faith also struggle with their mental health.

The workshop will help participants understand the impact of a mental illness, and develop strategies for helping themselves, or others, struggling with a mental illness. It will also provide participants with data about the current state of vitality and resiliency of our ministry personnel, as well as any challenges relating to mental health. There will be an opportunity to reflect on how the Scriptures inform our understanding of mental health. Participants will be encouraged to share some best practices on how their communities of faith are developing ministries focused on mental health.

The workshop will uplift participants with new perspectives on how the Christian story intersects with mental health. People will leave with inspiring and practical ideas about how they may begin to address mental health in their local setting. The take home message of the workshop is an invitation to break the silence and end the stigma and shame related to mental illness, especially in the church.  

Speakers: Adam Hanley and Jim Cutler

Max Number of participants: Up to 50, first come first serve