Listening Session 5: Identity and Vision

Plenary - (Gyms 3-5 CRWC)

Presentation of proposals, questions, and answers to clarify issues and implications. 

What we believe is foundational to who we are, what we choose to do, and how we operate. Grouped together under this heading are two proposals about developing a clear vision for the church, and clearly linking vision and mission to our decisions and actions, along with specific proposals about the meaning of membership in our church today, and the relationship between our Christian faith and Hinduism. All of these relate in some way to a wish to be clear about the identity that connects us within the United Church of Canada.

  • BC 03 - Leading on Purpose
  • BC 05 - A Vision to Ground Us
  • TICIF 01-GCE 17 - Report on Membership
  • TICIF 02-GCE 18 - Honouring the Divine in Each Other-Hindu-United Church Relations