Listening Session 4c: Small and Rural Ministry, Leadership


Presentation of proposals, questions, and answers to clarify issues.

Small and Rural Ministry

Several proposals speak of different aspects of the challenges faced by small and rural ministries within the United Church. One proposal lifts up the need to balance between offering guidelines while maintaining flexibility to respond to local contexts and others offer specific solutions.

  • BC 06 - Ministry Support and Supervision
  • BQ 06 - Alternate Relationships and Governance Structures
  • MNWO 01 - Rural Prairie Marginalization
  • MNWO 02 - Funding Rural Ministry
  • MNWO 04 - Access to Technology for Effective Communication


The work of the Working Group on Leadership for Ministry, which was presented, but not endorsed at GC 42, has been substantially revised by the Competency Based Task Group appointed by the General Secretary during this triennium. This proposal represents steps away from the pure “competency based” model, and represents closer collaboration with the United Church theological schools. Commissioners at GC 43 will need to discuss whether to accept these recommendations, or direct further work representing some different direction.

  • GCE 06 - GS 66 Formation for Church Leadership