Listening Session 4a: Remit Implementation

Plenary - (Gyms 3-5 CRWC)

Presentation of proposals, questions, and answers to clarify issues. 

The enactment of the “Comprehensive Renewal” remits does not cover all the details necessary to implement the changes that they represent. Various things need to be done to implement the desired changes. These proposals all clarify or expand on aspects of the structural changes that the enactment of the remits would have us move into. Other proposals related to remit implementation are suggested to be dealt with in consent, but it is expected that Commissioners might want to have more thorough discussion before making decisions on the topics grouped together here.

  • HAM 01 - Maintaining the Term General Council
  • BQ 01 - Maintaining the Name General Council
  • ANW 08 - Prioritizing Clusters and Networks
  • MAR 03 - Action on the Formation of an Association of Ministers Within the New Three Council Model
  • GCE 19 - Assessment Rate (2019-2021)