Listening Session 3c: Governance, Right Relations and Ministry Personnel


Presentation of proposals, questions, and answers to clarify issues.


Proposals under the theme of Governance cover a range or possibilities for how governing bodies are constituted, and how they meet and make decisions. Those about the composition of the General Council Executive, would revisit certain aspects of decisions made at GC 42. Others would offer change to meeting and decision making processes. One relates to regional councils, and will require Commissioners to consider how specific, or how flexible, General Council should be in setting requirements for regional bodies.

  • ANW 02 - Constitution of a Meeting
  • ANW 11 - UCW Representation on Regional Councils
  • GCE 12 - PMM 13 Faithful Decision Making on Social Justice Issues
  • M&O 01 - Francophone Representation on Denominational Council and Denominational Council Executive
  • MTU 01 - Change to Current Remit Process
  • MTU 03 - Executive of Denominational Council
  • NL 01 - Representation and Accountability within the Executive of the Denominational Council
  • TOR 05 - The Manual item 5.3.3 Mandatory Meetings of the Pastoral Charge

Right Relations

As we continue to commit ourselves to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, several proposals invite us into a conversation as to how we might live in right relations. Three of these seek to ensure specific on-going support for the Living in Right Relations Network in regions and the denomination. Two of them make proposals about training for ministers, (which will relate to decisions to be made as the Office of Vocation is created), and another brings forward a new suggestion for the use of local indigenous languages in identifying the United Church of Canada. (It is intended that the Calls to the Church from the Caretakers of the Indigenous Circle, and the implementation proposal related to the Caretakers report will be dealt with separately on the first day of the General Council meeting.)

  • ANW 06 - Living Into Right Relations Network
  • BQ 02 - Steps Toward Reconciliation
  • M&O 03 - Enhancing Right Relations Through the Use of Indigenous Languages to Name our Church
  • SK 06 - Ministerial Training in Response to Truth and Reconciliation Commission Call to Action 60
  • TOR 01 - Funding and Support for LIRR Network Beyond 2018
  • TOR 02 - TRC Call 60-Blanket Exercise

Ministry Personnel

Grouped under this theme are several proposals that suggest changes in policies or practices that apply to ministry personnel. Each is quite specific, but the common element is that they would alter the rules relating to some aspect of ministry.

  • BC 04 - Creative Rights
  • MNWO 05 - Moving Expenses for Ministry Personnel
  • MNWO 06 - Appointments of Congregational Designated Ministers
  • MNWO 07 - Equal Pay for Designated Lay Ministers
  • SK 01 - Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy & Procedures Accessibility
  • SK 03 - Eliminating Appointments for Designated Lay Ministers
  • M&O 04 - Mandatory Training for all United Church of Canada Ministry Personnel