Listening Session 3a: Administration of Sacraments

Plenary - (Gyms 3-5 CRWC)

Presentation of proposals, questions, and answers to clarify issues.

These proposals seek a broadening of the circumstances in which someone may be authorized to administer the sacraments. Another proposal which would mean that the commissioning of diaconal ministers entitle them to administer the sacraments has been recommended for consideration in consent, but two proposals included here under this theme would go a step further to provide that Diaconal Ministers would automatically retain the right to administer sacraments after retirement, even if not in a call or appointment. The other proposal would create the possibility of Sacraments Elders being authorized to administer sacraments even where there is a settled or appointed minister serving the congregation. This proposal also is related to the “Small and rural ministries” theme.

  • MNWO 03 - Sacramental Licence for Retired Diaconal Ministers
  • ANW 04 - Granting Right to Administer Sacraments to Diaconal Ministers at Time of Commissioning
  • ANW 10 - Sacraments Elders Policy
  • GCE 20 - Sacramental Licence for Diaconal Ministers