Iridesce Theatre Play

Plenary - (Gyms 3-5 CRWC)

The Iridesce Theatre Presentation is a play in three acts. All the words of the script have emerged from the Iridesce Project, and are the memories and words of Iridesce participants.

The play starts just before our 1988 vote to welcome gay and lesbian people in membership and eligibility for ministry in our church. The play respectfully dramatizes some of the struggles and challenges some in our church faced around this vote. The play continues by sharing how communities of faith, church members and leaders were affected. Through engaging scenes, the play then explores the ongoing struggle that some allies and LGBTQ2+ ministers, students, lay people and youth continue to face in our United Church communities of faith. We leave as people of hope, hearing compassionate responses and ideas about forming a living apology. We ask: how we can celebrate 1988 while we heal the wounds of the past that we, as church, share.

All are invited to join a facilitated conversation time after the play, to talk about your memories and experiences around 1988, and your experiences as LGBTQ2+ and allies in the United Church up to today.

Background and More Info

At the last General Council, commissioners voted to have a national project of remembering and sharing as we look back at the 1988 vote of the United Church around gay and lesbian membership and eligibility for ordered ministry. To connect more, please visit our display booth here at GC43 and our website at

Iridesce: The Living Apology Project is a joint project of Affirm United/S'affirmer Ensemble and The United Church of Canada. It is funded by Mission & Service.