Introduction to Liturgical Dance in Worship (Sat)


Participants will be introduced to liturgical dance in worship. How does it enhance worship? How can people of all ages be involved? How do we encourage members of our congregation to do this? We will share about our experiences of body movement and dance in worship. We will learn about the history of liturgical dance in the church. We will hear about Thornhill United Church’s experience with presenting liturgical dance in worship. No dance experience necessary to participate in this workshop.

Workshop Presenter, Irene Ty, is currently the Minister of Christian Development at Thornhill United Church. Ordained for 15 years, she has introduced liturgical dance to four congregations where she has served. She is not a professional dancer but she has a passion for using body as a form of prayer and a desire to bring people together to share worship dance.

Speaker: Irene Ty

Max Number of participants: Up to 50, first come first serve