Indigenous and Newcomer Friendships: Building Relationships of Solidarity (Sat)


This workshop will discuss how Indigenous peoples and many newcomers in Canada share a similar history and experience of colonization. These groups are poised to become strong allies, but first, we must lay the groundwork to increase that opportunity. 

Speakers Alfredo Barahona and Dawn Maracle will share the experience collected through the KAIROS Blanket exercise and the KAIROS Project “Indigenous and Newcomer Friendships for A Just and Inclusive Community/Canada.” These initiatives bring together Indigenous and newcomers to build solidarity through the sharing of knowledge, food, culture, and our visions of welcoming communities living in harmony and in a relationship of respect of mother earth and all creation.

Learning from, and about, each other helps build meaningful relationships of mutual respect, which lay the groundwork on the road to becoming allies for each other. Come explore how Indigenous/Newcomer ally ship has unequalled and untapped potential for becoming a strong tool to move the needle on reconciliation.

Speakers: Alfredo Barahona and Dawn Maracle

Max Number of participants: Up to 50, first come first serve