Godly Play Storytelling (Sat)


This workshop will provide a very basic experience of Godly Play, which is a faith formation curriculum and a spiritual practice that is used around the globe with people of all ages and capacities. While the experience wouldn’t necessarily equip people to immediately start Godly Play in their own faith communities, it would provide them with a taste to whet their appetites and information about how to discover more. Godly Play has been described as the “quintessential missional pedagogy(1)” for today.  

As the church lumbers into post-Christendom, we need faith formation models that move us towards a missional mindset and practices. Many who experience Godly Play for the first time are amazed at the spiritual depth that can be attained from a simple storytelling method. They are impressed that Godly Play can hold the varying theological perspectives and proficiency of participants with sacred respect. Those who have practiced Godly Play for many years know that both leaders and learners can continually deepen their understanding and constantly gain new understandings of biblical stories and traditions of the church that have survived the generations. This workshop will provide opportunities for participants to experience moments of “ah,” “haha,” and “aha.” Some will leave spiritually nourished, others spiritually awakened, others spiritually curious, and still others spiritually conflicted. We can’t wait!   

Speakers: Maya Landell, Karen Eade, Nigel Weaver, Jen Stinson and Amy Crawford

Max Number of participants: Up to 50, first come first serve