Exploring Racial Justice: A Bible Study (Sat)


Does the Bible talk about racial justice? How might we read familiar texts with a racial-justice lens? How might people of various backgrounds differently read biblical passages?

Our understanding of the Word and the Gospel call us to racial justice. Yet as human beings, we exclude on these grounds all the time. How can we address this? One way, is through exploring racial justice in the Bible. This interactive workshop will include time for individual reflection, small-group work, and large-group discussion. Participants will be encouraged to deepen their learning outside of the workshop.

The Bible study and reflection are based on the online racial justice-training program for ministry personnel. The Bible study, which consistently receives high reviews in workshop evaluations, will also be grounded in our commitment to become an anti-racist, intercultural church.

Presenters: Adele Halliday, Jennifer Janzen-Ball, Alcris Limongi, Philip Vinod Peacock, Karen Georgia Thompson, Paul Walfall

Max Number of participants: Up to 50, first come first serve