EvenSong (Sun)

Main Stage
In Concert

Peter Woods, saxophonist and founding member of this quintet, is an Embracing the Spirit grant recipient who created the music program 'Jesus, Jazz and Wisdom' at MacKay United Church in Ottawa. EvenSong has grown out of this new ministry. EvenSong is made up of singer Leah Cogan, bassist JP Lapensée, drummer Jamie Holmes, pianist James McGowan, and Woods.

“It is great to know that there is a national community which welcomes, celebrates, and supports groups like this—who express creativity, spirituality and jazz,” says Woods of the chance to play at the Festival of Faith. The group looks forward to really digging into their repertoire at the Festival, playing material that pushes the boundaries, adding their best stuff to the mix—and perhaps even dropping some jazzy covers of U2, Arcade Fire, and Laura Marling!