End of Life Decisions: A Pastoral Conversation (Sat)


Recent changes in legislation around medical assistance in dying (MAID) highlight the importance of engaging communities of faith, and the broader community, in conversations about death and dying. The United Church’s report on Medical Assistance in Dying (May 2017) offers reflections on these issues, and acknowledges the need for pastoral and liturgical resources to support communities of faith in end-of-life conversations. The stories and symbols of our faith are a resource for supportive, pastoral conversations with those struggling with suffering—either their own, or a loved one’s—or struggling with making end-of-life decisions.

How can we bring these resources into pastoral conversations that take into account the new reality of access to medical assistance in dying? How can we best address the issues surrounding access to palliative care? What can we contribute to the ethical challenges that healthcare workers face? How can we compassionately support vulnerable populations in making end-of-life decisions? The workshop is an opportunity to explore all of these questions, and discover resources for continuing this important conversation in local communities of faith.  

Speaker: Gail Allan

Max Number of participants: Up to 50, first come first serve