Creative Expressions of Generosity (Sun)


We know that relationships are a key element to establishing our creative rhythm, but when faced with the blank page or buried deep in our latest design, it’s easy to feel alone. The truth, though, is that our creative process has many influences, from the initial design spark, through each iteration, to the final presentation. Taking the time to recognize and express our gratitude is important to cultivating healthy relationships and may inspire new vision and process.  

This is an open space workshop where creatives can come together to explore their individual and corporate expressions of gratitude. Included in the workshop will be opportunity to experiment with scripture, connect with other creatives across faith communities, and foster collaborative art or performance pieces for use in worship. Open to all experience and age levels. Participants will be able to bring home creative spiritual practices to their community or for their own individual discipline. 

Speakers: Susan Graham Walker, Melody Duncanson-Hales and Dave Jagger

Max Number of participants: Up to 50, first come first serve