Community Innovation Challenge people at table

Community Innovation Challenge

Coffee House

Community Innovation Challenges are creative “design labs.” People from different sectors brainstorm ways to solve a host of social problems that the community has identified. This event will tackle the ecosystem.

$2,500 will be awarded to help ideas generated at this challenge get off the ground. In the true spirit of a Community Innovation Challenge, community participants decide which projects will be given money. The funding is provided by Mission & Service.

BONUS: The biggest prize will be the relationships you build, the stories that you hear and collaborations you experience.

  • 2pm: Introduction to Design Thinking
  • 2:15pm: Team Formation and Storytelling
  • 2:25pm: Understanding the Problem
  • 2:55pm: Asset and Strength Mapping
  • 3:10pm: Ideation and Next Steps
  • 3:40pm: Team Presentations
  • 4:00pm: Prizes!

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