Beyond the Welcome: The Gift of Migrant Communities (Sun)


An opportunity for exciting conversation about the potential for inspiration and transformation when communities of faith welcome migrant church.

Migrants bring tremendous gifts for being the body of Christ in our time and place.  The United Church has an opportunity to walk with migrant church offering pastoral care and experiencing transformation through sharing of experience.   Pastoral care involves radical welcome and real support: caring for needs, helping to provide space to gather, attending to challenges and advocacy.  It is both giving and receiving.  The church welcomes the gifts of caring and support that migrants offer to all of us. In receiving we are enriched, enabled, and empowered.  

Migration continues to shape and transform the church. Currently we are broken; we are not whole.  We need to name and celebrate the gifts of migrants within the faith community as part of who we are and not just what we do.  Everyone has a migration story and these stories continue to transform who we are.    

Explore how communities of faith can experience transformation and live out the Song of Faith:

“We sing of a church seeking to continue the story of Jesus by embodying Christ’s presence in the world.  We are called together by Christ as a community of broken but hopeful believers, loving what he loved, living what he taught, striving to be faithful servants of God in our time and place.”

Speakers: Isaac Kamta, Joel Aguirre, Dan Benson, Norm Green, William Mpere-Gyekye, Reuel Marigza, Michael Blair, and Peter Noteboom  

Max Number of participants: Up to 50, first come first serve